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  • Campus Operations

    When students, faculty, staff and visitors arrive on campus for the fall semester, they will find we’ve made changes to classrooms, lecture halls, meeting spaces and campus buildings to reduce potential exposure to the COVID-19. 

    Daily Operations

    Prior to the start of business, employees, students, vendors and campus visitors are required to:

    1. Ensure that they meet general health requirements regarding body temperature and flu-like symptoms and feel healthy overall by conducting the Health Questionnaire daily
    2. Wear face coverings.
    3. Follow hand washing and sanitation guidelines as outlined by the CDC.
    4. Each Shaw University employee must review the Employee Health Questionnaire every morning that they intend to work on the University’s campus.

    Campus Visitors

    It is Shaw University’s policy that all who come to campus, including visitors, contractors and vendors, follow the guidelines established to protect the health and safety of all which includes:

    • Check in with Campus Police and Security prior to accessing other areas on campus
    • Wear protective face coverings
    • Practice additional safety measures such as hand hygiene and temperature checks
    • Visitors, vendors, and contractors with access to building interiors should be escorted to all times to ensure they comply with Shaw University safety precautions.

    Guidance for On-Campus Interaction

    Category Details
      Working in the Office Office environments on campus will be arranged to conform to appropriate social distancing standards. Conference rooms and other common areas will also be rearranged accordingly. Staff will return to campus beginning July 1 using staggered schedules to avoid multiple employees entering buildings together and occupying common spaces. Supervisors will determine how best to implement the return-to-work plan for their area and notify HR if an employee does not feel safe returning to campus.

    Where feasible, meetings should be held using the extensive range of online collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. The size of all in-person meetings or gatherings should be limited based on the current restrictions of local, state and federal mandates to fewer than 10 persons. General guidelines include:

    1. Meetings or events exceeding attendance limits or when social distancing requirements cannot be maintained should be canceled.
    2. Attendees at in-person meetings should wear a face covering. Hand-sanitizer stations should be available at all entrances.
    3. High-use rooms will be cleaned and disinfected daily, with signs indicating that disinfection has occurred to be left in the space after it has been cleaned.
    4. Room configurations will be oriented to allow between 3- and 6-feet of space between attendees.
    5. Disinfectant wipes will be placed in each room.
    6. Rooms and meeting spaces will be configured to adhere to social distancing standards.
    7. Attendance and seating arrangements will be recorded to facilitate contact tracing in the event of an exposure.
      Classrooms and Laboratories

    Shaw University is committed to a balance of online education and in-person classes. Where in-person classes are offered, the following safety measures will be in place:

    1. All in person classes will be taught to ensure 6 ft distancing between seats.
    2. Hand sanitizer stations will be available at all entrances to academic buildings.
    3. All attendees are required to wear a face covering while in class.
    4. Rooms will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day.
    5. Disinfectant wipes will be available for faculty and students to clean desks, podiums, chairs, and other high touch areas, before and after each use.
    6. Doors should remain open wherever possible to limit air movement throughout the room from individual entries and exits.
    7. Attendance and seating arrangements are to be recorded to facilitate contact tracing in the event of an exposure.
      Shared Equipment
    1. Students, faculty and staff should use the equipment closest to their workstation or as specifically assigned. Equipment should be decontaminated frequently with an EPA approved disinfectant.
    2. Printers, copiers and similar equipment may be moved to separate locations or to a larger room with social distancing space.
    3. Reduce the number of shared office supplies.
      Common Areas

    Access to and utilization of common areas should follow social distancing and cleaning and hygiene guidelines.

    Area Specific Information

    Child Development Center

    The Shaw University Child Development Center will follow the COVID-19 related health safety protocols established by Shaw University, Wake County Public Schools ( ( and those established by the Child Development Center and North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education University Operations

    Procedures will be implemented and followed by departments within University Operations (Dining Services, Bookstore, and Student ID Card Office, Mailroom) in executing safe daily operations. Please check the website for information regarding these services. These procedures are based on current information that is available from local, state and federal health authorities, and therefore may be revised to comply with applicable laws and recommended best practices, as needed.

    All persons are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the proper use Personal Protective equipment.

    Department of Athletics

    The health and safety of student-athletes, coaches, staff, recruits, donors and fans, remains a top priority. For this reason, safety protocols have been developed for returning to campus, as well as detailed guidelines for the start of athletic training and competition. The protocols and guidelines, which are specific to Athletics, its constituents, facilities and events, will focus on / screening, social distancing and sanitizing. They are designed to help prevent the spread of infection, and will be executed, adjusted and strictly enforced in concert with university, local, state, NCAA, CIAA, FDA, CDC and other national governing body policies and orders.

    The University’s plan for all students will be used as a foundation for this plan. However, due to specific needs and activities for which student-athletes engage, the return to campus and participation will begin in phases. There will be a screening phase of the processes outlined in this document in preparation for the full return of all student-athletes. We will use recommendations from the CDC, NCAA, CIAA, FDA, the university and from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NCSA). Student-athletes and parents will receive communications notifying them of our action plan and protocols to mitigate risks. This letter will provide clear guidelines regarding their son’s/daughter’s participation, insurance information specific to COVID-19 coverage, and include the Informed Consent Form for Participation. Upon arrival to campus, all student-athletes will complete the COVID-19 screening questionnaire and the Informed Consent Waiver.

    Download the complete guidelines for the Athletics Department.