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Online Registration & Academic Advising System

The Shaw University online registration system has been enhanced to ensure proficiency and interaction from current and perspective students. Currently enrolled students can easily access academic information, register for courses, view financial aid and account information, and view mandatory academic deadlines. Students will also be allowed to drop coursework. Enhanced Bears portal offers easy online registration and academic advising system for current semester coursework to students that meet mandatory academic requirements. The following criteria have been established to meet standards of eligibility:

  1. Use of a Confidential Student ID number and a confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the Registrar' Office to access online Registration; and 
  2. Advisement and approval of required discipline coursework from the assigned Academic Advisor or Departmental Chairpersons.

Coursework Add (Course Registration)

Please read the following instructions before accessing the online registration system. 

  1. Visit the Bears Portal. This page provides information on upcoming campus and community events. (Please do not use the browser's navigation buttons to go back to previous page or go to next page. This action will cause system error. Use the tabs or links to navigate through web site pages).
  2. Enter current student Username and Password in the appropriate boxes on the webpage.
  3. Click on Login. Additional tabs will appear at the top of the webpage.
  4. Click on the Students tab to access the Student home page. The left-hand column on this page provides a list of helpful links that include academic information, announcements, activities calendar, and other links. The advising and registration page will provide information on progress towards completion of the chosen degree program and provide the opportunity to register online.  Prior to registering for courses for an upcoming semester, students are required to meet with their academic advisor to review progress in their degree program, and determine required coursework towards completing their program. An advisor clearance will appear on the student record until approval by the advisor allows registration.  
  5. Click on the Course Needs tab to view your requirements. This window also provides a list of courses that will be offered in the upcoming semester.
  6. Click on the See Available Courses tab to be prompted to the online registration tab. To choose a course for the semester, click on the Add button on the left side of the desired course and then click the Add Courses tab at the bottom of the screen.

If there is no account issues with holds or pre-requisites not met for the course, a successful registration message will be sent, and the course will appear on your schedule as seen in the window below. 1

Coursework Drop 
To drop a course click the Drop tab on the left-hand side of the course and click the Drop Selected Courses tab. A message will appear that the course has been successfully dropped.

The course history window allows a full view of all of the courses taken at Shaw University by clicking on View Course History. Course adds and drops are done in the same manner as listed above. Students can search for courses by date, times, instructor, campus, building, and/or status.

Major Exploration and What If Scenarios  
The Major Exploration and What If Scenarios window will allow the opportunity to play "What if I Change My Major" game to see how courses apply to various majors.

Financial Aid and Account Information  
The financial aid and account information page provides a view of financial aid awards, and steps to make on-line payments. To pay your bill online, click on the How to Pay My Bill Online tab in the window on the right-hand side of this page.

Grade Reports and Unofficial Transcript  
The Grade Reports and Unofficial Transcript page will provide the ability to view your final and mid-term grade reports for a particular year and semester, print an unofficial transcript, or calculate a GPA projection. The directions in the Accessing Grade and Transcript Information window will guide you through each function

Student Services and Residence Life 
The Student Services and Residence Life page will allow viewing of information pertaining to residence life at Shaw University. Helpful links also appear on this page and provides access to additional valuable information on other websites.

For assistance with navigating this website refer to student manual or contact your assigned Academic advisor. To obtain your ID and PIN number call the Registrar's Office at (919) 546-8415.