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Crime Prevention

Your safety depends mostly upon your own attitude and actions. Use common sense and do not place yourself in a location or situation to become a victim of crime.

  • Avoid walking alone at night: Make arrangements to walk in groups and in well lit areas.
  • Keep your room door locked at all times: Locking your door, wherever you reside, is an effective way to reduce theft and enhance personal safety. The vast majority of theft occurs from unlocked rooms when the occupant is gone only briefly. Do not prop open exterior doors and close any doors that you find open. Propped doors are a high risk to everyone's personal safety.
  • Do not lend anyone your key, this action could result in an innocent victim. Report lost or stolen keys to the Campus Police and your residence counselor.
  • Report obscene, annoying, or harassing phone calls immediately: Campus Police will investigate, and as patterns develop, they will work closely with the telephone company to apprehend offenders.
  • Report all security related maintenance problems: Locks, doors, windows, and exterior lights in need of replacement and shrubbery in need of trimming should be reported immediately to Sodexo 919-719-8866.
  • Participate in personal safety and security awareness programs:
  • Campus Police frequently conduct programs that promote crime resistance skills.
  • Be aware of campus crime trends.

If you observe any suspicious activity or wish to report any criminal act, call the Campus Police or 911.