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Volunteer Announcer Training Attendees

WSHA Community Outreach

WSHA provides considerable outreach services to the community like no other radio station in the area. WSHA can justifiably say that there is no other radio station in the Triangle Area of North Carolina that serves the community with the following outreach services as WSHA does. WSHA is committed to the community in entertainment, education and real services, and that is why WSHA was voted "The Best Radio Station" by Triangle community.

Music Jam Sessions

WSHA organizes monthly music jam sessions in partnership with area businesses for the community. Live music is provided for music lovers at locations downtown Raleigh and other locations in the Triangle area. Musicians are invited to come with their instruments and join the band that performs for the event.

Jam Sessions are designed to bring together world class musicians that live in the Triangle and beyond to jam together, in "open mic", providing a lively atmosphere to the weekend life of the community. The event is free to the public.

Radio Broadcast Production Training

This training is free to the public. All those who are interested are invited to receive instructions on how to produce radio programs and actually do a live broadcast show. For eight weeks, the staff of WSHA engages in studio instructions and training for people who have had no previous radio broadcast experience. WSHA free radio training has made it possible for some trainees to get jobs at some radio stations.

Coverage of Cultural Events

WSHA provides free coverage of cultural events and organized marches for beneficial causes as organized by community organizations.

Remote Broadcasts of Events

For a fee, WSHA will set up a remote broadcast from any location in the United States for promotional purposes within the guidelines of public broadcasting. All remote broadcasts sponsored by any business, organization or individual will include credit mentions for the sponsor.

Partnership with Businesses, Organizations, City, County and State Governments

WSHA has a partnership program that benefits businesses, organizations and governments in various ways including free broadcast exposure and promotion. Several major businesses and government agencies have already benefited from our partnership program especially through the Jam Sessions and remote broadcasts.

Free Broadcast Exposure for Local Artists

WSHA is the only radio station in the Triangle Area that invites local artists to the station for single or group performance that provides exposure to their talent. Many artists have already benefited from this services provided free by WSHA

Educational Programming for Public School Students

WSHA has an open door policy of working with public school students in the community. WSHA provides free training and internship to students who desire to explore Radio Broadcasting for fun, hobby or career. A vibrant teenage program for students 'Live Wire' was produced and hosted by middle and high school students for years.

For additional information and or questions on WSHA Community Outreach, please call 919 546 8432.

* WSHA reserves the right to change or withdraw from any of the outreach programs without notice.