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Underwriting & Sponsorships

As a public radio station, WSHA offers a sophisticated and cost effective way of marketing and advertising your products and services, called underwriting or sponsorship. If your company is looking for an on-air presence at WSHA 88.9FM, our underwriting department can help. As a public radio station we do not sell ads in the traditional sense, but rather we acknowledge company contributions via underwriting credits. Underwriting credits are an extremely effective means of serving marketing and advertising goals, due to the highly targeted and desirable demographic of public radio listeners. Your company's sponsorship messages provide you with an unrivaled reach to an influential, well-positioned, highly educated audience. Your messages will reach homes, automobiles and offices of consumer and business decision makers that regard your messages as a statement of character from a company that supports public radio just like they do. Our listeners will respond to your messages and visit your establishment; do business with you, and thank you for your support of public radio. It's a testament to the incredible loyalty which public radio enjoys a loyalty that is unique in the marketing community.

Our Audience

Public radio by nature reaches the 'public' which is an extremely diverse audience with a plethora of interests and backgrounds. To generalize, public radio and WSHA reaches an audience of well-educated, affluent, community and business leaders that are curious minded and enjoy cultural events, fine dining and being well-informed.

WSHA reaches those who make the decisions that influence your business:

  • College Educated 25-54
  • Average Household Income $70,000 +
  • 46 % Female 54% Male

Coverage Areas WSHA can be heard primarily in Wake County and other areas including:

  • Chatham County
  • Cumberland County
  • Durham County
  • Franklin County
  • Johnston County
  • Orange County
  • Warren County

Supporting WSHA

A 30-second underwriting credit on WSHA is an effective, efficient method of reaching the audience you want to reach. Your underwriting not only delivers your message, but also provides support for community radio.

Becoming an underwriter or just finding out more information about how to do so is easy. WSHA has two individuals dedicated to helping companies and organizations discover more about underwriting and its benefits. 

The Federal Communication Commission condones the practice of promoting underwriting for programs. Underwriting announcements offered by public radio stations like WSHA, are structured to inform listeners of products or services, location, contact numbers, etc. but announcements may not call listeners to action as in "stop in" or "come get", contain qualitative words or reference to price.